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How do you manifest change in life?

First, you have to be grateful for what you have and for what you do not have.

When I began this manifesting journey, I awoke each morning with a song of joy on my lips and embraced the day for all the good the day promised. 

This does not mean that I awoke in joy.

This does not mean that my life was a piece of cake.

This does not mean that being grateful for things that I didn't have, was easy. 

Manifesting Change… and Faith…Belief…Hope…

My thought is, if you want it, whatever "it" is, you have to Hope for "it"…Believe in yourself and your ability to attain "it"…Faith is the belief that "it" has already happened and your are reaping the reward of what you want, now…

For the most part, I have experienced all of this and a little more…in some parts of my life…I still do not have all that I have been grateful for, for so many years… and yeah..I am bitter. 

When I really consider that part missing from my life, I think… that is okay…because there are some parts of myself I am not ready to give to another…there are some traits that I am not ready to face~which means I will have to be vulnerable…and who wants to be all vulnerable.

Am I satisfied, yes… no… not really…in my heart of hearts there is this last thing I want to experience…This last part that has not happened. 

The freaking for-real relationship/family/life thing… 

I see it happening for so many people…not for me.

So, how do I manifest this change?

How do I become this relationship that I want, deep in my heart and soul?

When I let the fear guide me~

So, yes… I want to be saved.

There, I said it, I admit it… I want to be saved by the regal knight in shining armor… I want the romance and the light and the beauty…and the everything… I want a home and family…I have a little family, a half of a family…I need to be whole. I don't know how to be whole. 

So, starting now…right this freaking minute…I am manifesting change… instead of running from what I  want, I am gonna get down into the core of who I am and what I want and who I want…so that the real relationship bullshit will manifest… Everything else is happening…why can't this happen?

Everything is possible.

All of life is possible.

Everything we desire is available… it really  is…I truly believe this…

So, I have had to go through lots of different types of fires to come to this point in my life…I have had to see heartache and heartbreak and fucked up diseases… yeah well, there is much worse… I could be dead…and I am not, so I might as well get on the truck and start making the changes necessary…stop being afraid.

I am grateful for my overflowing bank account

I am grateful for my dream car

I am grateful for my home and bills all paid

I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life/quality folks

I am grateful for my overflowing clientele

I am grateful for my charming son and all his awesome grades in school

I am grateful for my life partner~who is most amazing and inspiring~

so, everyday I will say this with Hope, Belief and Faith…because it is… I may add more as I remember what I am forgetting… LOL...

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